Pranay Shah - Interior Designer, Decorator, Turnkey Solution

About Pranay Shah

The chief interior designer and founder of the firm Pranay Shah Designs, Mr. Pranay Shah is known for his thoughtful approach towards design and he's sharp attention to details, quality and finishing.

Pranay Shah, a renowned person in the world of designing with an experience of 10 years, believes in delivering only the best through his unique approach towards design as well as turnkey solutions. He's motto has been, "Don't deliver a service, Deliver an experience!" Since the inception of Pranay Shah Designs, “commitment and continuity of interior related services with passionate and positive attitude” has been the prime goal for Mr. Pranay. He believes in designing the house with a perspective of him being in the place of the client and visualizing elements and designs as the client would. Through this he believes he achieves exactly what the client wants and the same gets executed.

Since the beginning, his firm has created a strong presence through his style of working by coming up with innovative and flawless interior designs along with turnkey solutions. Beginning his career sole-handedly in this field was quite a tough task for him without any background, though he has able to create his own distinctive aura in the field of designing. Exposure gained across various countries, been striven for knowledge and the curiosity to do something different led him to become a man he is today. According to him, every client has a different taste as well as different perspective to see things and so he believes to offer them with a design that would justify their feelings as well as their requirements wholeheartedly. While providing design services, he follows the highest ethical and professional standards, which helps him to develop a strong affliction with the client. The key to his growth lies in his ability to realize the aspirations of the client and addressing them according to the designs. A strong decision power of his own makes the process of designing and executing such easy whose outcome makes everything on point.

Each of the project assigned to our interior designers team, undergoes a synergy of ideas from client and the experts to visualize the potential idea.

By the time you are done reading this we bet you would be looking forward to meet us for a new design!

Interior Designer in Vadodara City of Gujarat
Founder / CEO - Mr. Pranay Shah